"The select circle of baseball's immortals has a new member. His name is Johnny Taylor."
Joe Bostic, Afro-American, September 1937

"And Schoolboy Johnny Taylor looks like a BIG LEAGUE pitcher."
Lloyd Lewis, Chicago Daily News, August 1938

"Man, did he have good stuff!" Taylor would have been a major leaguer for sure, if he hadn't come along before they allowed colored boys to play in organized baseball."
Roy Campanella, It's Good to Be Alive, New York" Little Brown and Co., 1959

"Johnny Taylor would most surely been pitching in the major leagues except for the color line and barrier back in the '30's."
Whitey" Piurek, (Former high school teammate of Taylor), Seattle Mariners Baseball Club, June 1987

". . .It's a mighty bad feeling when a young punk (Taylor) comes along and does better than you and you know it."
Satchel Paige (from Satchel – The Life and Times of an American Legend Larry Tye, Random House, New York 2009)